When Trump calls me a ‘disgrace to my country’ he is right to do so, says China’s Xi

President Donald Trump’s call to Xi Jinping on Tuesday is an important step in improving ties between the world’s two largest economies, a Chinese official said.“The President has spoken very clearly about the need to improve relations between the two countries,” China’s foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday.“We hope that this positive message […]

Why the US is getting better at detecting language changes

The US has made remarkable progress in the past few years towards understanding and communicating with its international neighbours, a new study says.The US National Science Foundation has released a report which reveals that, by 2025, the US will be one of the world’s best at identifying and understanding the differences between languages and cultures.The […]

Why is this ancient language spoken by tens of millions in the US?

In the United States, the majority of the population is native English speakers, who use a wide range of languages, from Mandarin to Spanish.But, over the past century, American Indians have been forced to abandon many of their traditional ways of speaking to adapt to the way the language is spoken around the world. “I feel […]