When Brazilians speak about love and language, it’s all about the Olympics

Brazilians are having a field day celebrating the opening ceremony of the 2018 Summer Olympics.But, as they say, the Olympics have a way of taking things away from you.In the words of the Rio Olympic Committee, the opening ceremonies have been “taken away from us.”As of Monday, Rio’s mayor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, and […]

ESPN has fired host Chris Berman for his “unwelcome” comments about the ‘Sri Lanka Language’

ESPN has terminated Berman for a “hostile and demeaning” comment he made about Sri Lanka in an article for the sports channel, according to a statement posted to its website.”ESPN has terminated Chris Berman’s contract effective immediately for his comments regarding Sri Lanka,” the statement read.“The company believes this is the appropriate decision, as it […]