When you speak English, you’re just learning a second language.

In a nutshell, the word “language” refers to an individual’s ability to learn a new language, as opposed to the concept of “language”.A new language can only be learned by one person.This means that, if you’re learning to speak English or French, for example, you’ll only learn English by using English vocabulary, but not by […]

When will the Russian language be extinct?

Russia is home to over two million speakers of the Russian languages.Although it is not the world’s largest, its population of speakers is rapidly shrinking and it has been facing a growing number of challenges.This article examines some of the reasons that Russian is being pushed into extinction.The future of the language is unclear, with […]

How you can learn how to read, pronounce, and write in English without ever speaking it

When it comes to learning how to speak or write English, there are a few basics you should know before you even consider trying to learn it.You should be able to pronounce the words on a regular basis, and be able say “yes” to a question.But it can be tricky to say “no” to the […]