‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Prestige’ are two of my favorite films of all time

The word “fantasy” may be new to the American lexicon, but for the last few decades it’s been used in a variety of ways to describe movies that are either good or not.For instance, the film “The Prestiges” may have been set in the year 2022, but that doesn’t mean it’s a film about fantasy.Instead, […]

ESPN has fired host Chris Berman for his “unwelcome” comments about the ‘Sri Lanka Language’

ESPN has terminated Berman for a “hostile and demeaning” comment he made about Sri Lanka in an article for the sports channel, according to a statement posted to its website.”ESPN has terminated Chris Berman’s contract effective immediately for his comments regarding Sri Lanka,” the statement read.“The company believes this is the appropriate decision, as it […]


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How did Netflix change its language?

Aussie actor-comedian Sam Gabel has spoken out against the Netflix movie The Get Down, claiming it was racist towards Aboriginal people.Netflix’s original programming for Australia includes Australian versions of many of its movies, including The Good Wife and Orange is the New Black.“I was in Australia for three years and I was a huge fan […]