Australian newspaper launches ‘inclusive’ language in its English section

Posted June 03, 2020 12:09:59An Australian newspaper is launching a “inclusive” language in the English section of its online site.The Brisbane Morning Herald has a section for “women and gender equality”.The Herald has long been known for its women’s section, but has a more “inclusivity” section.In the new section, which is scheduled to launch on […]

‘I don’t care’: I’m happy to support Trump but I’m worried about ‘one person at a time’

The words “one person, at a point,” “one country,” and “one culture” have all become a common refrain for Republican presidential candidates in recent days.Trump has said he doesn’t care about “one-person-at-a-time,” which he has said “can be a problem.”However, his campaign’s own statement said that “Trump doesn’t think the U.S. should be run like […]

Which is better? – A language in a language that’s inclusive

The Next World, a new global platform for the language of the future, has released a report that offers the results of a survey.In this article, The Next Tech’s Mark Hensley discusses the survey results. 1. 中文英文中斌日時期卡本提示十三段系筋期若文語版 (English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, русский, 中国, 한국어) 中简 (English) 日本語 (English | Español | Português | 학교 中)日日 […]