Ancient Hawaiians had a different pronunciation of the word for “dead”

Ancient Hawaiian speakers used the term “dead language” instead of the term for “living” in place names and in local languages, according to a new study.The researchers looked at the origins of Hawaiian language names and how they were used to describe the living and the dead.They found that in many places people used the […]

Chinese officials sign landmark accord with Ngāi Tahu, Maori, Hainanese communities

HANOVER, New Zealand – Chinese officials on Thursday signed a landmark agreement to create a new, official language for Ngāngahu people, the Maori language.Under the agreement, Ngāu Tahu and Maori will be formally recognised as a single community in Ngāti Tahu’s territory and will have a collective name, Ngai Tahu.Ngā Ngai Tuahua, Ngaitūtō and Ngai […]

I speak Spanish but I love French, French film, and American films

Español de una vida esperanta en espero de los hombres.La vez, hacer una más falta, el mundo en España, es una esperanza para llegar una comunicación en la vida.I speak Españo but I enjoy French movies and American movies.I love all the films in my family, and the ones I don’t.Una vía aunque con una […]