Danish language is getting more English-friendly

Denmark is looking to make its Danish language more accessible for foreign learners by increasing the frequency of words that have English translations.In a study conducted by the Danish Language Center (DLC) last year, researchers found that some words had become more common and frequent in the language.The study, which was published in the Danish […]

Why Spanish language?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world.It is spoken in nearly all countries in the Americas and Europe.Spanish is also the second most spoken language among Latin American languages, and its popularity is rising, according to the UNESCO.In recent years, Spanish has become a target for a growing number of hate groups and […]

The Philippines is not a ‘nation of nations’ – US ambassador

Philippines, a once-independent country now ruled by the military dictatorship, is not, in fact, a nation of nations, according to US Ambassador to the Philippines Charles Dharamshala.The Philippines was declared a republic in 1946, but the constitution, ratified by the Philippine people, only states that “the Republic of the Philippines is the country of the […]