What’s the difference between the ‘Cuban language’ and the ‘Korean language’?

The word ‘Korea’ comes from the Korean word ‘강영’ which means ‘world’.In the United States, the word ‘Cuba’ is pronounced ‘chah-BAH’.Korean-language content is usually presented in English-speaking countries and languages, with English subtitles.The content is presented in a way that people can understand, and it’s easy to understand for foreigners who do not speak the […]

How to pronounce the Cuban language

You can get to know Cuba’s native languages by listening to the words.And you’ll hear that the country’s official language is very similar to English, with the same consonants, as is English.And it’s the same way with the countrys native words.In English, you can pronounce any word as long as it has three syllables.In Cuban, […]

Why Cubas are good for your language learning app collection

A new language learning tool is out that makes learning a language as simple as reading.Called Cubas, the tool uses a deep learning algorithm to identify the words, phrases, and sentences that contain the most grammatical structure.The result is a tool that can help you understand a language faster, even if you’re not an expert […]