How to get more out of your Thai meal

You’ve been told to eat a Thai meal in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, or New Zealand.You’ve got a budget, and you’ve heard about the Thai food being the cheapest and most nutritious of all.Now, for a fraction of the cost, you can add a taste of history to your Thai dining experience.And, for better or worse, […]

When the new Albanian language was born, the Albanian diaspora reacted

Albanian has been spoken in Albanian-speaking countries for more than 2,000 years, but it has only recently become a common language among its population.Today, the majority of Albanian is spoken in Albania and other countries, but the language has been the subject of controversy for years.As a result, Albanian speakers have protested against the use […]

How to use Julia language in a Java app

JAVA Language Developer Guide – This is an introductory guide to the JAVASCRIPT API for Java, covering the basics of the API and using it in your Java applications.This is a beginner’s guide and assumes no prior Java knowledge.You can get the guide from the JCP by visiting: This guide assumes that you are […]