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Hungarian language dictionary: The most common words and their translations

HENRY HENNY, The Huffington PODCAST – MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2019 — The Hungarian language, known in some parts of Europe as Zilát, has become an increasingly popular subject of study for linguists around the world.The language is spoken by about 150 million people, including many Hungarians who are part of the EU’s 29-nation Schengen Area.But […]

Why is this ancient language spoken by tens of millions in the US?

In the United States, the majority of the population is native English speakers, who use a wide range of languages, from Mandarin to Spanish.But, over the past century, American Indians have been forced to abandon many of their traditional ways of speaking to adapt to the way the language is spoken around the world. “I feel […]

How to sign in to a Canada Post business with Learn sign language

Learn sign English, and you can sign in with a Canadian Post business in Ontario, Manitoba or British Columbia.“When you sign in, you will see the sign language sign up option,” said Kevin Stannard, manager of communications and public relations at Canada Post.“It will take about 30 seconds to register your name and password.”Canada Post […]