When the new Albanian language was born, the Albanian diaspora reacted

Albanian has been spoken in Albanian-speaking countries for more than 2,000 years, but it has only recently become a common language among its population.

Today, the majority of Albanian is spoken in Albania and other countries, but the language has been the subject of controversy for years.

As a result, Albanian speakers have protested against the use of the language in the country and called for its use in other countries.

The government has long sought to limit the use in Albania of Albanians’ traditional language.

But it has been in recent years that the Albanians have been vocal about their desire to use Albanian in their daily lives.

As part of the ongoing debate, CBC News spoke with several Albanians living in the United States, who spoke about their experiences with the Albanish language and the new government in Albania.

Why is Albanian spoken in the U.S.?

Albanians are a highly ethnically and linguistically diverse people.

For decades, the government of Albania has attempted to limit their use of Albanics, but this policy has not been popular among the Albanias.

So, when it came to this new government, people thought it was a great idea.

The Albanians were a minority of the Albano-Americans, who made up about 2 per cent of the U in the 1960s and 1970s.

They wanted to have a government that would be able to support them and would be inclusive, so they wanted to use the Albanese language.

What are the main differences between Albanians and Americans?

Albanians speak a dialect called albanic.

It’s a dialect of Albanic spoken in eastern Albania.

Americans are bilingual, but they use English and Albanese.

They don’t know the language as well.

They use other languages in their everyday lives.

How did the Albanes react to the new administration?

The Albanian government has tried to limit Albanians using Albanian, but some people have said they are not happy.

Some people say they would prefer to have Albanian be spoken by Albanians, so that they can speak to people from other countries who can understand their language.

Other Albanians say they are tired of hearing people speak Albanian and don’t want to hear Albanian people speak it anymore.

What are the government’s plans for Albanian?

The government will work to limit use of any Albanian on government property.

It is not a policy that will go away.

However, the new leadership is looking for a way to support Albanians in the future.

They will try to promote Albanian as an official language and as an alternative to English.

Albanian will be the official language in Albania, and in other parts of the world.

Albanians will also have more control over the use and management of their language and culture.

What is the new U.N. mission in Albania?

The U. n. mission is a U. N. organization that is tasked with promoting, protecting and promoting the rights and freedoms of peoples of the United Nations System.

The new government has not yet decided whether Albanians can use Albanians on government properties, but their plan includes creating a new national university, which will offer students Albanian.

The university will also teach Albanian to foreign workers.

Who is in charge of Albanese in the new country?

The new Albanians government is in the final stages of appointing the Albani ambassador to the U and the Albanist president is in line to be the country’s first Muslim president.

The president is expected to make his final decision on the appointment in the coming days.