How to choose the best language books in 2018

The world is full of languages, from the most ancient of the ancient to the newest of the latest.

Some have been around for centuries, while others are just popping up on the scene.

But what language books are the best for learners of a particular language?

To answer this question, we have picked out the best and most interesting language books of 2018.1.

The Elements of Mathematics by Stephen Jay Gould2.

The World of Languages by Stephen Hawking3.

The Life of the Language by James R. Garton4.

Language by the Book by William Morris6.

The Language Machine by Richard Langston7.

The History of Languages: A Language History by John M. Kesselman8.

The Science of Language by Mark Liberman9.

Language in the Schools by Dr. David Schoening10.

The Meaning of the English Language by David Rieke11.

Language and Literature: An Anthology by William James12.

The Evolution of Language: A Primer in Evolution by James Watson13.

The Cambridge Companion to Linguistics by Drs.

David F. Schouten and Daniel M. Cohen14.

The Origins of Language in Humans by James M. McBride15.

The Essential Language: Languages, Cultures and Language by Steven Novella16.

Language, Culture and Language: An Illustrated History by Stephen P. Sondheimer17.

Language as a Social Issue by Dr J. Robert Lattimore18.

Language Studies: A History of the Study of Language and the Social Sciences by George J. Rabe19.

Language: the History of Language, Volume 1 by William B. Clark20.

Language Theory: A Modern Introduction to the Study by Dr Robert M. Stern