Australian newspaper launches ‘inclusive’ language in its English section

Posted June 03, 2020 12:09:59An Australian newspaper is launching a “inclusive” language in the English section of its online site.

The Brisbane Morning Herald has a section for “women and gender equality”.

The Herald has long been known for its women’s section, but has a more “inclusivity” section.

In the new section, which is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, women will have access to articles by writers and commentators who are “all over the place”, according to the Herald.

“There will be people that are all over the map, from women and gender equity to indigenous languages and Indigenous languages and more,” Herald editor Peter Dutton told the ABC.

“The diversity is phenomenal.”

The article includes two women who write about their experiences of racism in Australia.

It also features a piece on how Indigenous Australians are being discriminated against.

“They don’t feel safe in this country,” said another article on Indigenous languages.

“There’s no language for them, no cultural identity for them.”

I have no one I can turn to for a language, I can’t.

“Mr Dutton said the Herald would continue to use the term “inclusion” in its sections for “a long time”.

He said the section was already inclusive of people who had experienced discrimination in the past, and would continue that practice in future.