Russia-Kazakhistan ties hit rock bottom in 2018, analysts say

As tensions in the volatile Caucasus country escalate, a series of reports on Russia-related issues are being compiled.

Russia has been hit by a series, ranging from a series on Russian business interests in Kazakhstan to the country’s growing military presence in the region.

Here is what we know so far about the new reports: In a series called “The World of Russian Diplomacy,” an independent analysis published by the think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) on Monday claimed that Russia has a “significant military presence” in Kazakhstan, despite the country not having a single military base in the country.

It cited a recent statement from Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Defense, which said that Russia is currently “developing its military capabilities in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

The report said that the country is also considering expanding its military presence into the country, including in the Kaliningrad region, and is also looking at establishing a new base in Kazakhstan.

The report said the “Russian presence in Kazakhstan” will not be a military presence, but a “strategic presence.”

The IPS also said that Russian companies and individuals are investing in Kazakhstan in the hopes of obtaining government contracts and funding for infrastructure projects.

According to the report, Kazakhstan has been under pressure from Russia for the past two years, after a series a series investigations by IPS revealed that Kazakhstan has received a $1 billion contract from Russian state-run gas giant Gazprom to build a nuclear power plant.