Indian students learn sign language for first time

Students of the Bantu Language Institute of India (BLIA) are learning sign language to understand their native tongue.

The institute has launched a new course called “Sign Language for Beginners” which is aimed at making students aware of sign language and their relationship to it.

The students will be using the sign language in a variety of contexts.

The BLIA said that the first class of students was introduced on April 16 and the second class on May 13.

The course is being conducted at the institute at the Government Secondary School, Kanpur, and will cover the sign and sign language of other languages besides Bantus.

“Students have to have been fluent in Bantuan languages for at least one year before enrolling in this course,” the institute said in a statement.

Sign language is a type of sign communication used by people of various cultures around the world.

Sign languages are spoken mainly in the South East Asia and Africa region, but also include some spoken in South Asia as well.

Bantutans are one of the largest languages spoken in the world and have been spoken by people from across the world for centuries.