How to use Google’s voice search engine to find a movie in China

Chinese internet users are using Google’s search engine voice search feature to find movies in the country, the company has revealed.

“Voice search is an important tool that we have added in Google Search for the past several months,” the company said in a blog post, which went on to describe how it’s used to help people find movies that are not available on the internet.

Google announced the voice search capability in March, with the aim of “enhancing the overall experience for Chinese consumers,” the blog post said.

It added that the feature is currently “in the beta phase.”

It was initially rolled out to Chinese users last December.

But after Google rolled out the feature to other markets, it was rolled out globally.

Google has made it clear it wants to see more of its search engine search feature in other countries, so that Chinese consumers can find what they’re looking for, even if they’re not online.

With Google Search in the beta, Google said it’s working to bring the feature into more countries.