Why do you play the lightest football in Italy?

It’s no secret that Italy’s football teams are not the lightliest of all.

Despite their modest size and relatively compact shape, they can still cause quite a stir.

The Italian national team has been nicknamed “the lightest team in Europe” and it is also one of the most prolific finishers in European football.

But it has to be said that Italy has a different style of football than other nations.

One of the reasons for this is the lightness of the ball, which allows the ball to go quicker and higher.

In contrast, in Europe’s most popular sport, football, there is usually a lot of energy involved and a lot more emphasis on skill and positional play.

But there is a reason why the ball travels faster than in other countries.

It is called “velocity”.

The speed of a ball in the air can vary from a few hundred metres per second (mph) to tens of thousands.

The faster the ball moves, the more of a challenge the players have to deal with.

A ball travelling through the air, on the other hand, travels relatively slowly at around 10 km/h (6.3 mph) per second.

This allows for an advantage for teams that have an advantage in height, but it also means that the ball can travel farther and faster than other footballers.

A team with a higher average speed can also attack more effectively.

There are many reasons why the Italian national football team travels faster.

One is its low center of gravity.

The ball is typically not moved much on the pitch, which means that there is less pressure on the ball.

The result is that the average player has a higher center of mass, which enables them to run more freely and quickly.

Another reason is the increased number of balls the team is able to play with.

This is because the team has to play at the same level and tempo as the other teams, which gives it more freedom in the way it plays.

Finally, the players on the team tend to play more direct football.

This results in more balls being played than on other sides of the field.

It can also result in the ball getting pushed by defenders who are too far away from the ball when the ball is being played.

All of these factors combine to make the ball go faster, but that’s not all.

The average player also has to focus more on the game, which is a difficult task for a young player.

In fact, the average European football player can only play as many games as he needs to finish his first professional contract.

And this isn’t the only way that the game is changed by the new rules.

It’s not the only thing that changes with the new laws.

The new rules also make it more difficult for the players to concentrate on their sport.

This has a positive and negative impact on the players’ performances.

This can have a negative effect on the quality of the players who play in Italy, which in turn has a negative impact for their team’s performance.

For example, in the recent FIFA World Cup, Italy played four matches against France, Spain, and Germany, but only three matches against the other four nations.

These four matches were won by the Italian side.

The team lost all three matches.

This means that Italy won only two of the five matches that were played.

This led to Italy losing both of the other three matches in the tournament.

The other two matches were also won by Italy.

The Italians lost the first match, but they were able to beat the other two teams.

The third match, the third-place match against Belgium, was also a good one.

The two other games were not so good, as they came in the same time.

The only match that was close was the semifinal between the Italian and French teams.

It was a great match that showed that both teams were really good, but France was able to take the victory by a few points.

The next round of the tournament was the first time that Italy and France met in a semi-final.

The French won by two goals, but Italy won by one.

This match was played at the Estadio Emilia, which had a much lower atmosphere.

This meant that the atmosphere for the game was significantly lower.

The game was called off due to a safety problem.

In a lot ways, the atmosphere at the stadium was better.

The atmosphere was better because the players were happy, and the players wanted to play.

The fans were happy as well.

They were able in this way to show that Italy was a big player in the game.

But the fans didn’t really know how to react to the changes.

It wasn’t until the final game that the fans knew how to express themselves in a positive way.

It took the fans until the second half to express their emotions in a big way.

This allowed Italy to take control of the game after the first half.

This happened in the semi-finals against Belgium.

The first half saw Italy beat Belgium 1-0,