Microsoft’s Cortana: Cortana for Business – 10 reasons to love this great app

An updated version of Microsoft’s popular Cortana voice-activated assistant has arrived for Microsoft employees in Microsoft’s new business-focused Skype.

The updated version has a few changes, including a new voice-based feature called “Voice Actions,” which lets you ask Cortana to perform a variety of tasks, like find your phone or call your boss.

“The new Skype features are designed to make it easier for you to find and connect with people in your organization, even if you’re not part of a team,” Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the update.

Skype will be the first place you can use Cortana on Microsoft’s cloud-based Skype for Business, where you can search for contacts and perform tasks.

You can also use Skype for business to set reminders, send emails, and check your calendar.