Why Polygons are so funny: The world’s strangest words

Posted June 29, 2018 03:33:11There’s nothing more fun than laughing at a cartoon.

Whether it’s a cartoon of a dinosaur with a smiley face or a cartoon with an expressionless face, the idea of making fun of something silly is the same in both cases.

The cartoon is an amusing thing to laugh at, but the cartoon is not the same thing.

For example, if you’ve never seen a cat with a nose or a tongue, you might assume that this is something that only cats can have, or that only animals can laugh at things that are not human.

The fact is that cat laughter is a very common human phenomenon.

In fact, it’s part of what makes us human, and it’s an aspect of what we’re all made of.

The origins of cat laughter date back to a time when people thought cats were funny.

As it turned out, they weren’t.

Cat laughter has been around for at least 2 million years, dating back to when humans were first domesticated.

That means that cats have been around at least 4.7 billion years, or nearly twice as long as the human lifespan.

That’s a lot of time for the cat to be around for, and some people still think it’s just a cute and cuddly creature.

It’s hard to imagine a time that people would want to change that.

So what makes a cat laugh?

According to the Encyclopedia of Animal Behaviour, the two main ways cats can make fun of themselves are through “sympathetic imitation” and “symbolic imitation.”

Sympathetic ImitationThe first way that cats can mimic themselves is by mimicking something that they’re actually familiar with.

For instance, if a cat looks at you and says, “Hey!

What do you want?” you might think it means that they want to give you a treat, but in fact, they’re just being funny.

Similarly, if your cat comes up to you and starts sniffing, you’re probably thinking that it’s trying to smell your breath, but really it’s mimicking your scent.

Symbolic ImitationIn contrast, if an animal acts out a behavior that you recognize as being familiar to you, then that’s a pretty good way for it to mimic your behavior.

For the most part, if it mimics your behavior in a non-symbolical way, then it’s going to be able to mimic that behavior.

So, if I give you an apple, and I say, “Give me a nice apple, you know?” that means that I want to pick up an apple.

If you say to me, “I want you to give me a carrot,” then that means I want you not to give that carrot to me.

But I wouldn’t really expect you to.

Sympathy ImitationThere’s also another way that a cat can mimic a behavior.

If a cat has been trained to pick you up, it might be able see a certain behavior in you and think that you’re trying to steal it.

However, that’s not always the case.

If it’s trained to recognize something that you know, it can be very different from the behavior that it was trained to imitate.

For instance, a cat might see a familiar cat behavior and think, “Ah!

I know how that feels.”

Then it might say, in a sarcastic tone, “Oh, I know that’s what you want.”

The cat might think that the behavior is funny, or at least, it wants to mimic it, but it’s really just a way for the animal to mimic something it’s already familiar with, even if it’s not mimicking the behavior.

Cat MimicryA cat can also mimic a human behavior.

The best example of this is when cats pick up objects.

This is not a new phenomenon, as cats have had this ability for millions of years.

Cats have been picking up objects for a long time, and they do this because the food is very valuable.

Cats don’t just pick up the food; they also use the food to groom themselves and other animals.

That food is not something that is easily stolen, so the cat is happy to pick it up.

However, cats do have one thing that they like more than picking up food: the smell of food.

When they pick up a food item, they are able to smell it, and that’s because they can detect different odors that the food has.

For many animals, it makes sense that they would pick up something that smells very good, but cats are different.

They also have a preference for certain odors over others.

The more food that a dog or cat gets, the more it’s likely that it will pick up more food.

The cat has also developed a strong ability to understand and recognize its own scent.

If the cat sees something that has a particular smell that it likes, it will


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