A new cat language is coming to iOS 8

A new language that is based on Japanese is coming soon to iOS, and its called Julia.

The language is not for native speakers, but for users who have some knowledge of Japanese.

Its called Kaiji, and it is a dialect of the language spoken in the Japanese island nation of Kyushu.

“The word for cat in Japanese is ヘィ (ji), which means ‘cat’ or ‘animal’,” a press release from the developers of the new language said.

“This dialect has its roots in the ancient Japanese tradition, and the name of the dialect is Kaiji.”

“In addition to this, Kaiji is the Japanese equivalent of English, so we wanted to create a language that would be both easy to learn and accessible for both beginners and intermediate users.”

“To achieve this goal, we used the most popular language tools to create the language: Google Translate, Wikipedia, and a number of other tools.”

“The language features kanji, which are traditional Japanese characters used for numerals, letters, and sounds.

It also uses a combination of Japanese kanji and English words.”

For instance, the kanji for the kanai (暴樹) is written 書, and this kanai sounds like a “k”.

“The other characters in Kaiji are written using the kanami (巫) sound, and are like ‘kana’ or syllables,” the release continued.

“It is this combination of kanji characters that makes Kaiji an easy language to learn.

Kaiji’s sound system is also unique in that it features three different phonemes: the Japanese ‘kata’, the English ‘p’ sound, or the Korean ‘k’.””

The characters in the Kaiji dialect include the kanari (魂) which sounds like ‘tang’, ‘dao’, ‘aang’, and ‘bong’, and the kanat (音) sound used in the Chinese ‘ch’ sound.””

It also features an extra character that is pronounced differently depending on whether it is an exclamation or question mark, such as kachi (火改) which is used when you say ‘I’ in Japanese, or kachi no e (收洹) used in English.””

Because Kaiji features two distinct sounds, learners can also use the same sound to signify different things, such a ‘poo’ to signify the word ‘paw’, or the sound ‘pow’ to denote a response to a question.”

With this in mind, Kaijis pronunciation and sound system can also be used to express other phrases, like ‘this is my favourite’ and ‘this feels nice’.

“Kaiji’s pronunciation and language features allow it to be used as a learning tool for anyone, whether you’re learning Japanese, Japanese culture, or simply wanting to make friends with someone who speaks it.””KAIJI is available to download from the iOS App Store now for free.

To learn more about the language and its features, visit the official website.”

What do you think about the Kaiji language coming to the iOS app store?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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