The UK’s best football fans are here to support Scotland’s FA | The Times of Scotland

Scotland’s football federation has been accused of turning a blind eye to the abuse of the national anthem at games.

The Scottish Football Association (SFA) said it had made changes to ensure the anthem would be played on the field of play and on social media sites after a video emerged on Friday that showed an England football team player and another player singing the anthem at a game in London.

In the video, which has since been removed, England player Jordan Pickford is seen singing the national anthems to Scotland’s former rugby union team.

The SFA said it was taking the issue “very seriously” and would be reviewing the incident.

“We are in the process of reviewing the circumstances of the video and will make further comments at a later date,” a statement from the SFA read.

Scotland’s Rugby Union has said the anthem is a national anthem and the anthem in football is not banned by the sport’s governing body.

The video has prompted a heated debate over what constitutes national anthem abuse and the role of the SFF in ensuring its players and fans understand and respect the anthem.

A petition on calling for the anthem to be banned has received more than 3,600 signatures.

It also said the SFSB had a duty to ensure that all Scottish football fans were “treated equally”.

The petition has been signed by hundreds of football fans in Scotland, as well as former English footballers including Chris Hughton, Gary Lineker and Glenn Hoddle.

The petition said: “The SFS has a duty of care to ensure all its supporters are treated equally.

The anthem itself is a tribute to the men and women who died for our freedom.

The flag, with its white, red and blue colours and the Scottish national anthem, is an important part of the Scottish identity and is therefore protected by the SFC’s Code of Conduct.”

In a statement on Saturday, the SFL said:”We have taken this issue seriously and will be reviewing this issue in due course.”

The SFL also said it would be conducting an investigation into the incident and the SFI would also be taking disciplinary action against the SFB.

“The SFC will be conducting a thorough review of this matter,” the statement read.

“If any further action is required, that will be in accordance with the SFIA’s Code.”

In April, the Scotland and England football teams faced a storm of criticism after the anthem was sung by one of their players.

The England squad were playing against Scotland in Glasgow in the semi-final of the European Under-21 Championship when the Englishman was heard singing the song at the start of their match.

Scotland captain Alex Dunbar was in the Scottish dressing room during the game.


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