ESPN has fired host Chris Berman for his “unwelcome” comments about the ‘Sri Lanka Language’

ESPN has terminated Berman for a “hostile and demeaning” comment he made about Sri Lanka in an article for the sports channel, according to a statement posted to its website.”ESPN has terminated Chris Berman’s contract effective immediately for his comments regarding Sri Lanka,” the statement read.

“The company believes this is the appropriate decision, as it is clear that he has a history of inappropriate language towards individuals from other countries.”

He is a professional and we all know he is not above the law.

We have apologized to Mr. Berman, as well as to the people of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Government.”ESPN said Berman made the remarks in a January column titled “Lengthening our Relationship With the Sri Lankan Government” in which he said: “In the end, there is no ‘language’ we can talk about or say to the Sri Lankan people without offending them.

There is a ‘language’.

We need to build bridges of communication.

“The Sri Lankans have been in the throes of a bitter conflict with the government of Sri Lankana since it gained independence in 2009.

Berman is a native of New York, and the two countries are still technically at war after a cease-fire agreement was signed in 2013, though the fighting is more intense than it was before.