NEW YORK — In an attempt to expand their reach into the Latin American market, the American Hockey League and the United States Hockey League are in talks about extending their agreement that includes a league championship game.

The two leagues agreed last month to extend the contract until the 2020-21 season, according to a league source.

The agreement would bring the American League and United States to the same level of success, which would help build on the growth of the American and American Hockey league in Latin America.

The league has a 25-year relationship with the United Sports League in Mexico, and the league and U.S. team are trying to build on that relationship and expand beyond Mexico and the U.A.E.

“This is about growing the game in Latin American and Latin American-based hockey in America,” said the source, who requested anonymity.

The source added that the league has not yet made any decision on the future of the championship game, which will take place at a neutral site in Las Vegas.

The league said in a statement on its website that the deal “provides for a league Championship Game at a site that is currently in the development phase of construction.”

The league also noted that the game would have a $200,000 prize pool, which it would allocate to the winning team.

The American Hockey Association said in its statement that it is committed to the expansion of the league.

The league will play in Las, Mexico, which has been a mainstay of American hockey since the 1960s, and will be the home of the 2024-25 season.

A key factor for the expansion, according a source familiar with the negotiations, is that the NHL and the USHL have been at odds over the past two years, with the US Hockey League in the process of selling to an investor.

The USHL was sold in a transaction that valued the league at $2.8 billion.

The expansion would also bring in more money for the league, which is currently operating on $8.8 million in revenue and $3.9 million in debt, according the source.

The NBA, which also has an existing deal with the UBS-owned New York Mets, has not announced a deal.

The agreement with the NBA could be a sign that the two leagues could continue to work together for a championship game that would help bring more fans to American sports, but not necessarily enough for the US team.

In the meantime, the league will focus on developing its own brand and adding to the player base in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“We’re in talks with both the NBA and the NHL,” the source said.

“They are interested in expanding and creating a partnership, but at the same time, we’re also looking to build our brand here and we’re looking to grow in Latin Americans, both with the NHL on the one hand and the American teams on the other.

We’ll see where that all goes.

It’s an interesting time.”