Why Spanish language?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world.

It is spoken in nearly all countries in the Americas and Europe.

Spanish is also the second most spoken language among Latin American languages, and its popularity is rising, according to the UNESCO.

In recent years, Spanish has become a target for a growing number of hate groups and extremist groups.

However, in a recent interview with Spanish-language broadcaster TVN24, the actor Elton John said that he believed that the language was the most important language for Spanish culture.

“The language that is spoken by the Spaniards is the language that has the greatest relevance to their culture, and I’m not just talking about the language itself,” John said.

“I’m talking about a language that gives them the language, which is the Spanish language.

It’s a language, and it has meaning, and the way we’re thinking of it is very different from a culture that’s based on the idea that all Spanish is bad.”

John, who is currently starring in a movie called “CafĂ©,” said that his goal is to “help the Spanish community” understand how to improve Spanish.

In the interview, he added that he also believes that “Spanish is the most beautiful language, that it’s the language of Spain.”

“I think that language is the one that gives the greatest meaning to the Spanish people,” he said.