What is a ‘tamil language’?

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What is ‘Tamil’ ?

Tamil (Tamil) is an Indo-European language, spoken in the Tamil region of India and in parts of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

It is not a separate language.

It has about 600 distinct words and grammatical features, but it is generally understood to be a composite of several dialects, with the most common being the Tamil language.

What is a Romance language?

Romance is a language that was once spoken by Europeans in Latin America and has since been lost to them.

It was once known as Latin, and its main speakers included the Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian.

Romance languages are spoken in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Belgium.

How can I get a copy of the Tamil dictionary?

If you want to learn Tamil, you can order a copy from Tamil.com.

You can also get a printed copy from the Tamil Public Library in Chennai.

If you have problems getting your hands on the Tamil, or want to have a look at some of the books that were published in the 1800s and earlier, you may want to consider contacting the Library of Congress.

If you are a journalist, you might also want to check out the American Library Association’s Tamil section.

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