Why I think I have a lot in common with George W. Bush

I have the same mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt and cousin, but I have never met George W Bush.

This may sound odd, but that is the truth.

For the last 25 years I have been in contact with the people who were my friends and loved ones, but who have been gone for so long, they have lost contact with me.

I can’t talk to them.

I have to keep the people close.

It is not a secret that I have some similarities to George W., but I am still a different person.

I am much less politically correct than George, and I have learned that this is my fate.

I don’t have a political agenda, and if I do, I won’t say it.

I will just keep on telling myself that I am the right person for the job.

If I were to make a run for the White House, I would probably be a candidate who is more centrist and not a radical like Barack Obama.

I like a good joke.

When I’m not thinking of an alternative to a current president, I often go for a classic joke.

One of the jokes is about a girl named Laura who is the head of the White house staff.

I told my mom that I wanted to be head of this office and she said, “Laura, you’re a great kid.

Don’t you think you could work for President Bush?

Laura would be the best hire for him.”

It turned out that Laura would get to do that and work for me, but she would be paid less than George.

In a way, I am now her boss.

Laura and I used to spend so much time together and now she doesn’t have me around.

The other day she came to me and said, I have had enough of the noise and drama and I think it is time for me to go.

She said that she would not want to see me around any more.

I said, Laura, you are right.

I think you would do a great job.

And now she is my boss.

She is very nice to me.

It has been so many years since I had someone like her around.

I was born and raised in New York and New Jersey and my mom had a great house and a great life.

It was the only thing I had.

I grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere.

There were no cars, no buses, no airplanes, no television.

I did not have many friends.

I remember one of my earliest memories was walking down the street and seeing a huge poster advertising a charity auction.

I got up and went into the house.

A man came in the front door and asked if I wanted anything.

I didn’t want anything.

He said, you need to come with me because I need you.

I took a picture of the poster, then went in and the auction was on.

It went for $25,000.

I wanted it for my mom.

I put a lot of work into the ad and was really proud of myself.

The auction was a huge success and it went very well.

I went to a lot, lots of parties and had a lot to do.

There was a big fundraiser and I was asked to go to a wedding.

I thought, If I am going to go, I better go with someone I am comfortable with.

That is what I do best, go to parties and have a good time with friends and family.

It doesn’t matter what party I go to.

I just go with whoever has a good laugh and doesn’t care what the rules are.

I’ve never felt like I was forced into something.

I do not feel like I need to do anything.

My friends know what I am like.

I enjoy being around them and I do like having them around.

They understand what I need.

The biggest problem I have has always been with my politics.

I never really had a political party, but the one I have with my friends is called “The Bush Democrats.”

I have spent so much of my life in politics and it was always just me.

But I got tired of the same old politics.

There are many reasons why I am not in favor of Bush.

The first is because I have not lived in Florida.

Florida is an important state.

It holds the highest percentage of the votes in the presidential election.

It does not matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican.

If you are on the ballot, you get elected.

The second reason is because there is a large portion of the people in Florida who are not even Republicans.

The third is that I feel that if I was in a situation where I had to vote for someone, it would be a bad decision for me.

For example, if a Republican wanted to run for president, he would probably run against me.

That would make me look bad, because I would not be able to do my job.