The Amazon’s ‘Ethiopia’ has a distinct language

An Amazon translation of the book The Book of the Ethiopian: The Ancient Book of Moghuls and Kings (2017) by Amartya Sen has been published in a Chinese language edition.

Chinese version of The Book Of The Ethiopian by Ametya Sen. The book, translated by Wang Jinglin, was first published in Hong Kong in 2014 and is published by the Shanghai Institute of Social Sciences.

Wang Jinglin said he is trying to translate the book for a Chinese audience as part of his research into the origins of the language.

“It’s not only about the history of the world but about the culture of the people.

And in this book, it’s the origin of the Ethiopians and their language,” Wang said.

Ethiopians make up about a third of the population of Ethiopia, which is the third-largest country in sub-Saharan Africa.

The country has an indigenous language spoken by about 10% of the total population.

The book has been in Chinese since 2013.

It describes how Moghul king Ghulam al-Ghazali (r.

1188-1230) created a new language, called Moghal, that he dubbed the “Ethiopian language”.

The first edition of the Book of The Ethiopian was published in 1892, but the title was changed to The Book and the History of the People of the Land of Mo.

In the English version, Wang Jinglan says the language was derived from the Arabic language.

The Book is translated into English by the Shandong University, and is available online for $12.

There is no word for “Ethipolitan” in the book, which was published between the years 1290 and 1340.