When the Philippines language comes under fire, you can’t blame us for laughing

PHILIPPINES — It’s the most important thing in the world, and that’s a fact that we’re talking about.

The Philippines’ foreign minister says he’s been living in a country without a single language for the past 15 years.

And he’s not kidding when he says he was once so disoriented when his wife, who was also a language teacher, tried to teach him a language that he didn’t understand.

So what makes the Philippines unique?

The country has more than 1,000 indigenous languages, and the Philippines has a long history of collaboration with neighboring countries.

That history, coupled with the fact that the country has a rich history of fighting over language, has led to an extremely diverse society.

“Our culture is more inclusive and our society is more diverse than any other country,” Foreign Minister Albert del Rosario told reporters Tuesday, a day after he told the House of Representatives that the Philippines’ language is “not a cultural problem but a national problem.”

But Del Rosario said the problem was that his wife’s language didn’t help him. “

The language that you speak is more beautiful than the language that we speak.”

But Del Rosario said the problem was that his wife’s language didn’t help him.

“She didn’t want me to speak Filipino because she was afraid of being misunderstood,” he said.

“So, we decided to teach her how to speak it and she learned it.

And I have been living a very, very privileged life.”

But not every Filipino is happy with his choice to teach a new language.

Some have been offended that the foreign minister didn’t even use English to teach his wife.

“We should learn a foreign language,” said Maria Lina.

But there are other Filipino people who support Del Rosaro’s choice. “

If we had to learn another language, our children would be born without them.”

But there are other Filipino people who support Del Rosaro’s choice.

“I believe that language is important.

It’s not a cultural thing,” said Rene Garcia, an attorney who works for the Philippines Mission to UNESCO.

“There’s an absolute lack of the Philippine language.

We have a very poor understanding of it.”

Del Rosary says that, while he wants to speak English, he’s trying to be diplomatic.

“At least in the first five years, I think we can speak English,” he told reporters.

“But as time goes by, we have to start thinking of ways to teach it to our children.”

He’s not wrong.

In fact, the Philippines is the world’s second largest economy and ranks second in the region.

In a country where the national language is the mother tongue, the country also boasts an abundance of indigenous languages that can be spoken fluently.

Del Rosaria said he hopes to help build the Filipino language in the future.

“This is a country that is in need of a new generation of speakers, so that the Filipino people can have a better future,” he added.


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