Microsoft’s Cortana gets new home screen in Windows 10, Cortana app gets a new home page

Microsoft has unveiled a new Cortana home screen for Windows 10 and a new app to control the new feature.

The Cortana home page has been redesigned to highlight what the feature can do, while its app has also received a redesign to make it easier to get the new features and to help users find and install them.

The new Cortana Home screen looks much like the one found in Windows Phone 8.1, with Cortana’s search box appearing above the Start menu and a tab for installing and updating the new Cortana app at the top.

Windows 10 also includes a new Home screen icon that allows you to access Cortana from the Start screen, a feature that was available in Windows 8.

It also includes the ability to use the Start button to access the Start page, which is similar to what Microsoft offers on the Xbox app.

The app’s Home screen also now has a “new” icon, making it easy to spot Cortana from within the app.

It’s unclear when the new home app will appear, but it is already available in the Microsoft Store for Windows PCs and phones.

The Home screen redesign will likely come with Cortana updates, and Microsoft said it will also add the new app for the Home screen to Windows 10 in the future.

In the past, Cortana was only available in Microsoft’s online store, but that store also added the ability for users to install new versions of the Cortana app for their PCs and other devices.